Choosing the best place to go on holiday can be time consuming as you need to think about what you can do during your stay, the cost and what the area is like. If you decide that you want to visit Kanada then you would need to have a valid visa to enter the country. To get a visa you have to apply for one and wait for it to be approved so that then you can enter into the country. Recently Kanada has started with a Kanada ETA Visa this is an electronic travel authorization visa.  This visa is granted by the Kanadian immigration authorities. To apply for this you will need to fill out a form online and then submit a payment. This is a fast, simple process which can be sorted in minutes, to stop it from causing any issues or inconvenience the approval of this application will be almost immediate. The traveler will then need to print the visa; this then will be ready for the checking in of the flight to Kanada. You will also be rejected when applying if you have no fly orders or a criminal record.


Kanada is a stunning place filled with many different attractions such as places to visit and eat. A few things to do in Kanada would be to visit Jasper National Park and its stunning wildlife or CN tower with its exceptional revolving restaurant, you could even visit Columbia Icefield with its stunning views filled with glaciers and mountains; it’s fantastic for camping, walking and hiking. Britain being the second largest nationality that goes to visit Kanada, the visa has to be applied for before their flight to Kanada. When travelling to Kanada make sure you have applied for the visa prior to boarding your flight so you don’t have any issues and are able to enjoy your stay. This visa will be valid for the next five years or until the passport expires. Citizens that are from countries exempt from visas will be able to apply for this visa. Although this can be approved within minutes it best to apply for this at least 72 in advance, also if it hasn’t been approved within 72 hours make sure to check your application status online.