Make sure that your passport is valid for the duration of your sail and does not expire while you are on vacation. If you do not have a passport or need to renew it, you should apply for it at least a few months ahead of time – not surprisingly, July and August tend to be the busiest months for passport applications. It normally takes up to several weeks to receive your passport if you apply by mail. If you need it sooner, it is worth the extra cost for expedited service. One of the most important travel documents will be Canada ETA that you can learn more about at

The name on your passport should match the name on your sail booking, in addition any airline tickets. Use your full name, rather than any nickname. Cruise lines and airlines can sometimes be reluctant to change the name on a ticket but if you are able to change the name on your ticket, there is often an extra charge. If you are a woman getting married while on a cruise, it is probably easiest to keep your passport, tickets, and all other important documents in your maiden name. You can then change them all when you return.

If you are flying from your home to your cruise port, it is easy to keep track of your plane tickets. Virtually all major airlines now issue electronic tickets. If you lose the printed itinerary and receipt, you can simply request another one at no charge. An electronic ticket – or e-ticket as it is generally known – can be changed and reissued easily online with no need to visit the airport or travel agent. E-tickets also allow passengers to check in on the internet. In the event of a canceled flight, an e-ticket allows you to be easily accommodated on another airline. These make the process of purchasing a ticket much easier and cheaper and if your cruise line has this option ready available, it is highly recommended.

Travel insurance is one of those things that some cruise passengers tend to forget, but you may not actually need medical travel insurance, if you already have existing health coverage. It is a good idea to take out trip cancellation insurance. This is sometimes also known as trip protection insurance, which covers such scenarios as death or illness, strike, cruise company or airline bankruptcy. Make sure you have a copy of the policy with you and know which number to call, should you need it.